Did you know that snacking can actual benefit your diet? Healthy snacking can improve your healthy massively, helping to stop cravings and improve your mood massively!

We’ve all had those cravings for a takeaway or a sharable bag for one. It happens to us all, even as we get older.

But did you know that snacking can actually have a positive impact on your physical and mental health. Most people think snacking has a negative impact on dieting and mental wellbeing, but when healthy snacking is implemented effectively it become a key part of dieting.

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Healthy snacking and weight loss

How you snack can be determined by how hungry you are throughout the day. If you are really hungry you could start to crave something from unhealthy the biscuit jar, but if you snack well you reduce the risk of craves setting.

Suppressing these unhealthy cravings is key to improving your diet. There are loads of great ways to ensure you don’t skip a day and treat yourself to that chocolate bar in the cupboard. We recommend making a plan for your day, allowing two slots a day to snack.

You can also keep healthy snacks close, such as a humous dip or some fruit, to ensure you are fuelled up when you start to feel a bit peckish.

Snacking and mental wellbeing

Mental health is one of most important parts of your day to day life. Did you know however that snacking has a massive impact on our minds? The way you snack can have either positive or negative impacts on your mood depending on what sort of snacks you consume through the day.

Sugary and unhealthy snacks seem like they make you feel happy, but this is in fact quite the opposite. Eating healthy food however can have a positive impact on your mind. Healthy snacks produce ‘good’ bacteria. This produces positive messages to your brain therefore improving your mood. Unhealthy snacks such as burgers or sweets can improve the mood, however this is only temporary due to the ‘bad’ bacteria produced when these foods are processed.

This means that eating one or two healthy snacks per day in-between meals can have a great impact on your mental wellbeing.

Add some variety into your snacks. Mixes of fruit, oats and other foods can maximise your nutritional variety.

Increasing your nutritional intake

With an ever-growing amount of people skipping lunch in work, more people around the country are losing out on key time to eat.This means that they aren’t getting the nutrition they need to keep going throughout busy days.

Snacking provides you with a great way of increasing your nutritional intake to ensure you are getting what you need for your body to to thrive throughout the day. This can also be a way of diversifying what nutrients you get from your food depending on what you eat. Want some more fibre and protein in your diet? Eat something that’s packed with protein such as our protein snack balls.

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Improving your metabolism

Snacking has a proven effect on your metabolism. It’s simple: allowing your body to process food throughout the day helps your metabolism function better. Some foods, such as sugary foods, don’t aid this process. But healthy snacks with their balance of nutrients can help improve your metabolism.

Eating less on the other hand can have a negative impact on your metabolism. It’s definitely a balance however so remember not to over or under snack, and definitely plan ahead as we mentioned before. For healthy and balanced snacks, you can try our snack pot ranges as an add-on in our plans.

There are loads of other ways in which snacking can improve your physical and mental wellbeing, but these are some of our favourites! Don’t forget to share this blog with your friends and stay tuned for more health tips!