Biohacking your diet has loads of great benefits for your mind, body & gut. With the launch of our Biohacking Reset with Davinia Taylor and Willpowders on Monday, we wanted to tell you why you should be adding MCT, collagen and other nutritional supplements to your diet!

Benefits of MCT oil

MCT oil is an oil made from medium-chain triglycerides (fats). These easily digestible fats normally come from coconut or palm oil, and can enter your bloodstream much more efficiently. MCT oil enhances many of the meals included in our Biohacking Reset.

Helps with digestion & weight loss

Various studies have claimed that MCT oil can help stimulate weight loss by increasing the calories and fat burnt in specific sets of people. Research has previously suggested that MCT can prevent obesity. Note however that MCT isn’t the only factor in weight loss.

MCT oil also has properties that can possibly reduce hunger due to the fact it helps increase hormones that stimulate fullness, while also reducing glucose making people feel less hungry throughout the day.

Great source of energy

Because of its shorter chain, MCT can provide you with a much better source of energy. This compares to longer chain fats which have to travel slower and need be processed with bile in the liver.

If you run or do recreational sports, there is evidence that MCT can help improve endurance – in particularly your enduring during high-intensity exercises. This is due to the lower build up of lactic acid resulting from consumption making it a decent supplement to take before a workout.

Better brain functioning and less fog

There is evidence of better brain and mind functioning, especially in people with Alzheimers disease.

MCT produces more ketones that your brain processes. This is thought to provide immediate energy to neurons without the inflammation and crash that you experience from sugar products. This can also help improve your general mood with a better balance of toxins resulting in a better memory.

 Benefits of collagen peptides

Collagen, which comes in four forms, is the most prominent protein in your body. From anti-aging to general maintenance of your body, there are many great benefits to taking collagen peptide supplements.

Promotes a healthy gut!

A leaky gut can be a result of bad eating habits and food sensitivities. This leads to undigested substances entering your bloodstream causing inflammations and upping your risk of diseases resulting in fatigue and brain fog. Collagen is a component of gut lining making consumption a way of promoting a healthier gut and possibly a way of combatting leaky guts.

Restorative functions for skin and organs

Collagen makes up around 70% of our skin, therefore consuming more collagen can have great effects on the smoothness and suppleness of your skin. This is because it can reduce wrinkles, and smooth out spots. It also can promote healthier hair and nails if taken correctly.

Research also suggests that collagen can improve muscle strength and help with recovery. This is due it’s ability to help produce creatine, which in turn has proven to be helpful in the recovery and improvement of muscles in athletes.

Start your Biohacking journey with our reset plan

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