As the days getting colder and colder, we tend to get the urge to move towards unhealthier, high calorie fast and processed foods because of how easy they are to prepare and how they make us feel.

This can have massive impacts on our body. But as the days get colder and colder, our nutritional intake matters more and more. As mentioned on previous blogs, eating the right foods over the cold months can have many great benefits.

That’s why we here at Fuel Hub are here to help! Our chefs cook restaurant quality meals packed with everything you need to perform at your best – whether it’s a day at the gym or a day in the office!

This winter we’ve introduced some great new winter warmer meals to our menu. From classics such as our Cottage Pie with Sweet Potato Mash, to our delicious premium dishes like our Beef Brisket with Smoky Wedges. Check out our selection of nutritious meals for this season.

Household classics

Our winter menu rotation contains meals that just scream “warm nights at home:.

Our Minted Lamb Hot Pot with Potatoes and Honey Glazed Carrots is a perfect homely meal, delivering you great quality nutrition in less than three minutes! As a part of our gluten-free range, our Minted Lamb Hotpot reduces bloating that you sometimes get eating these types of meals. It’s also high in protein and under 500 calories making it a perfect meal for weight loss!

What screams winter food as much as a delicious Cottage Pie. Our Cottage Pie with Sweet Mashed Potato and Broccoli is a big favourite amongst the Fuel Hub family, topping our list of winter orders so far! Another gluten free dish, this meal promotes good gut health while providing you with necessary vitamins to get through your day!

A hint of heat

Why not add a hint of spice to your meal prep every week!

On our menus this winter is our Chilli range. We have Beef Chilli with Aromatic Rice or Sweet Baked Potato and Slaw, as well as our plant-based Sweet Baked Potato with Vegetable Chilli. Benefiting from Vitamins B, C and D, these meals are the perfect energy boost for the winter!

Our newest dish, our Beef Brisket with Smoky Wedges and Spinach, is slowly cooked with a special chef-picked seasoning to provide you with delicious winter warmer. Being high in fibre and protein, this dish is a perfect energy boost, especially as a pre or post workout meal.

Meals for curry lovers

Curries and stews are great meals to keep you warm during the winter!

Our Beach Hut Thai Coconut curries, which come with or without chicken, are delicious creamy asian-inspired curries packed with vegetables and wedges.  Rich in MCTs, these curries promote gut health while also providing you with a fibre and protein boost.

Our African inspired Spicy Beef and Peanut Stew with Smoky Wedges and Spinach is a Fuel Hub favourite. Providing you with the perfect boost for workouts, this gluten free dish is great for muscle building and also helps your body control your blood sugar levels.

These meals, alongside many more, feature on our weekly menu rotations alongside some other great dishes such as our Peri Peri Chicken, Harissa Salmon and our fakeaway-style dishes.

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