Your questions answered

Placing & changing orders

How does my subscription with Fuel Hub work?
When you place your first order, you are entering into a weekly subscription which is fully flexible with no contract or commitment - you can pause of cancel at any time within your account.
How many deliveries will I have per week?
You will have 1 delivery per week with meals lasting for up to 7 days in your fridge.
How will I be charged?
When you place your first order, you will be charged immediately using the billing information you provide on your account. The same payment method will be charged weekly unless yur account is paused or cancelled. You do not need to do anything, this payment will be automatically collected weekly.
How do I select my weekly meals?
Our menu's change monthly on the first of every month. You can select your weekly meals each week for delivery the following week. If you do not log into your account and choose your own meals, we will generate a chef's selection automatically to be sent out to you. If you have your preferences set to vegetarian, we will always send you vegetarian meals.
How will I be charged for additional products outside of my meal subscription?
If you choose some of our delicious breakfast snacks or dessert options, payment will be collected at the time of selection. Sunday premium delivery will incur an additional cost of £4.95.
Can I change my weekly subscription?
Yes, you can change the number of meals in your box or change your delivery day by logging into your account
How do I change the number of meals in my plan?
Simply log into your account and update your order. Alternatively, phone us on 01925 632085 or email hello@fuelhub.co.uk Changes to your order must be made by 11pm 5 days in advance of your chosen delivery day."
Can I order for friends and family?
All orders that you place will be delivered to the address specified on your account. However, if you wish to order a meal box for family and friends, simply place the order as usual and change the shipping address at checkout.
How do I report an issue with my order?
We hope you love our products as much as we do, however should you need to report an issue please email hello@fuelhub.co.uk and a member of the team will be in touch, or alternatively, call one of the team on 01925 632 085

Your account

Where can I manage my account?
Please login here to manage your account.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Of course, anytime! On your here page, visit the 'Your Fuel' section to pause or cancel your subscription. You will enter a pending cancellation stage until your monthly/weekly subscription time is up. Once you have come out of that period your subscription will be cancelled.
How can I change my address?
Log into your account and visit the subscriptions section. From there, you will be able to change your shipping address.


When will my meals be delivered?
Your meals will be delivered once a week, on your chosen day - either Wednesday, Friday or Sunday. You can change your delivery date anytime by logging into your account. All deliveries are sent on a pre 12pm, so they will be with you before lunch!
What do you charge for delivery?
Delivery on Wednesday and Friday is charged at £3.95. Taster packs one off purchases and Sunday delivery incur a delivery charge of £4.95.
Who will deliver my meals?
Our trusted courier is DPD.
How will I know when my meals are being delivered?
On the morning of your delivery DPD, or a local delivery driver will send you a text and email with an hour time slot.
How does my food stay fresh during shipping?
We ship your food in temperature controlled packaging to keep your food cool in its box until the evening of your delivery day. We use the best packaging possible to ensure that your food reaches you in optimal condition. The packaging is fully recycleable.
What if I'm not home?
If you aren’t going to be in – don’t worry – you can select for DPD to leave your box in a safe place for you until you get home.
How do I contact you about a delivery issue?
If you need to speak to us urgently regarding your delivery contact us 24 hours a day via our live chat button or email hello@fuelhub.co.uk or call us on 01925 632085

Storage information

How should I store my meals?
Once you receive your food, put it straight into the fridge and eat within 7 days or by the expiry date on the packaging (whatever is sooner). Please note meals such as shellfish, will have a shorter shelf life.

Your food

Do you cater for vegetarian, dairy free and other diet types?
"Yes! From low calorie, high protein and low carb meals, to gluten free and dairy free, we have a wide choice of meals for many diet types. You can use the filter on the meal selection page on our website to browse by the type of meal you are looking for. Accounts can be set to vegetarian only. To do this; please visit your the 'Profile & Addresses' within your account. By clicking on the meal preferences section you will be given the option to switch your account. This means the only meals you're able to select (or selected for you if using Veggie Chef's Selection) will be vegetarian."
How do I heat my meals?
For best results microwave to reheat. remove lid and replace loosely. Microwave until piping hot throughout.
Can my meals be eaten cold?
Yes, our ‘Eat Cold’ dishes are perfect for eating on-the-go.
My box/food has arrived damaged, what should I do?
Please make contact with the team as quickly as you can, this can be via email Send Feedback or phone 01925 632085
What oils do Fuel Hub use?
At Fuel Hub we understand the importance of flavours working in harmony as part of a healthy balanced diet, our dishes pack a punch without any artificial nasties, that’s why we only use the finest pure grade extra virgin olive oil in small amounts in our dishes. Olive oils has been specially selected by our team of chefs for its long list of health benefits including its strong anti-inflammatory properties and natural antioxidants.
Is the meat in my meal Halal?
We want you to buy with confidence. All of our chicken meals contain Halal meat, apart from any that are accompanied with pork. However, our other meat dishes are not Halal.


Can I recycle the packaging?
"Absolutely! We have worked hard to make sure our packaging is sustainable. Your meals will arrive at your doorstep in fully sustainable, temperature-controlled boxes. Inside your box, your meals will be in our environmentally friendly tubs, made from compostable, moulded plant fibre pulp which can either be recycled in your bin or thrown on your compost heap! Our plastic lids are also recyclable. Our snack bags are made from a plant-based material that decompose naturally, so they don’t hang around."
What do I do with the ice packs?
Our ice packs are reusable and you are welcome to keep them. Keep them in the freezer and use them on your next picnic! You can also recycle our ice packs by defrosting and emptying the liquid, which is water based with no harmful chemicals, down the drain. The empty packs can then be placed in your recycling bin."

Business Accounts

Can I create a business account?
All business accounts require vetting at our end. In order to apply for an account please visit Fuel Hub Pro and fill out the form.
Can I get subscription on a business account?
Subscription is not available for business accounts, if you would like to create a subscription please visit the 'choose your fuel' page.
How is my account charged?
For teams and athletes we charge by invoice, teams have 30 days and athletes have 7.
Can I get invoices?
When you sign up we will need the email address for invoicing as well bank details. We will take care of the rest. Invoices will sit within your business accounts and can be downloaded at anytime.
Where do you deliver?
We currently deliver to mainland UK only.
How many meals can I order?
To give you the best taste of our food, the minimum order is 6 meals each week.
Do you offer bulk discount?
Yes, taken by a case by case scenario, we can look to offer larger bulk discounts, please don't hesitate to drop us an email to find out more.
What is the difference between regular and performance meals?
A regular sized meal would suit an individual looking to loose or maintain weight, our performance sized meals offer higher calories along with more carbs and proteins.
How do I update my company info?
This can be done via your log in online, or send one of our friendly team an email and we can look to do this for you.
I've just placed an order, can I edit it?
Yes, you can edit an order up until 5 days before your delivery date. Once the date is locked in you will be unable to edit your order.
Can I cancel an order?
Yes, your order can be changed or cancelled within 5 days of delivery, anything inside this window can be cancelled but may still be charged.
How do I view my order history?
This can be viewed from logging into your user accounts
Whats the difference between a regular and a teams account?
Our teams accounts are bespoke to fuelling performance sized meals, but also somewhere larger size groups meals can be delivered